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Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP for short, is a type of phone system that uses an internet connection instead of a traditional phone line. Think of it as your regular phone service, but over the internet. While VoIP has been around for a while now, it’s only recently that the technology has become mainstream. In the past decade or so, the rise of high-speed internet and reliable broadband connections have made VoIP a viable option for businesses and households alike. If you’re considering making the switch to VoIP, this blog post is for you. We’ll go over everything you need to know about VoIP phone systems, from the basics of how it works to more advanced features and benefits.


How it works

A VoIP phone system uses your internet connection to make and receive calls, instead of using a traditional phone line. VoIP phone systems are becoming increasingly popular for businesses, as they offer many features and benefits over traditional phone systems.

To use a VoIP phone system, you will need a high-speed internet connection and a VoIP adapter. You can then choose from a variety of VoIP service providers who will give you a monthly rate for unlimited calling.

VoIP phone systems have many features that are beneficial for businesses, such as caller ID, call waiting, voicemail, call forwarding, and 3-way calling. VoIP systems also tend to be much less expensive than traditional phone systems.


Setting it up

If you’re considering making the switch to a VoIP phone system for your business, you’re probably wondering how difficult it is to set up. The good news is that VoIP systems are relatively easy to set up, especially if you’re using a hosted VoIP solution. In this article, we’ll walk you through the steps of setting up a VoIP phone system for your business.


1. Determine Your Phone Requirements

The first step is to determine your business’s phone requirements. How many phones do you need? What features do you need? Do you need any special hardware or software? Once you know what you need, you can start shopping around for the right VoIP solution for your business.


2. Choose a VoIP Provider

There are dozens of VoIP providers out there, so choosing the right one can be tricky. Be sure to do your research and read reviews before selecting a provider. Once you’ve chosen a provider, sign up for an account and choose your plan.


3. Set Up Your Phones

Now it’s time to set up your phones. If you’re using a hosted VoIP solution, this should be straightforward. Simply follow the instructions provided by your provider and connect your phones to the internet. If you’re using an on-premises VoIP solution, things may be slightly more complicated, but most providers will offer support to help you get everything set up correctly.


4. Start

VoIP versus POTS

When it comes to business phone systems, there are two main options: VoIP and POTS. VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is a newer technology that uses the internet to route calls. POTS, or Plain Old Telephone Service, uses the traditional telephone network. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.


VoIP is often cheaper than POTS because it uses the internet to route calls, which costs less than the traditional telephone network. In addition, VoIP offers more features than POTS, such as caller ID, call waiting, voicemail, and others. However, VoIP can be less reliable than POTS because it relies on the internet connection, which can be spotty in some areas.


POTS is more reliable than VoIP because it uses the traditional telephone network. In addition, POTS offers fewer features than VoIP but is typically easier to use. However, POTS can be more expensive than VoIP because it uses the traditional telephone network.


What are the benefits of VoIP?

VoIP allows you to place and receive calls over the internet, which can save you money on your monthly phone bill. With VoIP, you can also make calls to any phone number in the world, as long as you have an internet connection. In addition, VoIP offers many features that are not available with traditional phone service, such as call forwarding, caller ID, voicemail, and more.


What are the disadvantages of VoIP?

The biggest disadvantage of VoIP is that it requires a high-speed internet connection in order to work properly. If your internet connection is not reliable, your VoIP calls will likely be dropped or have poor quality. Additionally, power outages will also affect your VoIP service since it relies on an internet connection. But don’t worry… we can help you with that too!


Security on VoIP networks

VoIP phone systems are often thought to be more secure than traditional phone systems, but there are still some security risks to consider. Here are a few tips to help keep your VoIP network secure:


1. Use a VPN: A Virtual Private Network (VPN) can help to encrypt your VoIP traffic and keep it secure from eavesdroppers.

2. Use strong passwords: Make sure to use strong passwords for all of your VoIP accounts and change them regularly.

3. Keep your software up to date: Be sure to keep your VoIP software and firmware up to date in order to address any newly discovered security vulnerabilities. 

4. Monitor your network: Use intrusion detection or prevention tools to monitor your VoIP network for suspicious activity.


Is VoIP for you?

There’s a lot to think about when you’re considering making the switch to VoIP for your business phone system. Here are a few questions to help you decide if VoIP is right for you:


1. What are your business calling needs?

Do you make a lot of long-distance calls? Do you need features like call forwarding and caller ID? Do you need multiple lines or extensions? Answering these questions can help you determine whether VoIP will meet your business calling needs.


2. What type of Internet connection do you have?

VoIP uses your Internet connection to make and receive calls, so it’s important to have a good, reliable Internet connection. If you have a dial-up connection, VoIP probably isn’t right for you. But if you have a high-speed broadband connection (cable, DSL, fiber), VoIP can work well for your business.


3. How much do you want to spend on your phone system?

VoIP can be more affordable than traditional phone systems, since there’s no need to install costly hardware or pay for monthly phone line rental fees. But keep in mind that VoIP requires a strong Internet connection, so you may need to upgrade your Internet service if it’s not up to par.

Commercial Services

Install, and maintain your business' network

Low Voltage Infrastructure

With our skilled and widely trained employee’s we are able to setup, install, and maintain your business’s network, phone system, access system, and camera system.

keep your business moving

IT Support

Many businesses rely on computers and other forms of technology to keep their operations running smoothly. However, when something goes wrong with this technology, it can be a major inconvenience. This is where IT support comes in.

IT support specialists are responsible for handling any technical issues that a business may encounter. We can provide assistance with everything from setting up new equipment to troubleshooting problems. In many cases, we can even help businesses prevent future issues by implementing proactive measures.

resources for your business

Cloud Service & Data Backup

As your business grows, so does the amount of data you need to manage. Keeping track of all this data can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t have a reliable backup solution in place. That’s where we come in. We offer cloud-based data management services that make it easy to store, access, and share your data, no matter where you are. And because our services are backed by our award winning support, you can rest assured that your data is always safe and secure.

reduce costs & increase productivity

GPS Fleet Tracking

Get a near real-time, view of your fleet’s daily operations, so you can help reduce costs, increase productivity, stay on top of vehicle maintenance, and make the most of every business day. Vehicle plans starting at $18.95 per month

scalable communication platforms

Phone Systems for your business

We can provide you with everything from set-up and installation, to maintenance and repairs. We know how important it is to have a reliable phone system, so we’ll do everything we can to make sure it’s running smoothly. Contact us today and let us know how we can help you with your phone management needs.

power your business with fast & reliable connectivity

Fiber Optic Networks

We install and manage fiber optic networks. We have the experience and expertise to ensure that your fiber network is installed correctly and operates smoothly.

Fiber offers many advantages over other types of networking technologies. It is much faster than copper or wireless networks, and it can support more users simultaneously. Fiber is also more reliable and secure than other types of networks.

If you are considering upgrading your network to fiber, or if you need help troubleshooting your existing fiber network, contact us today. 

Design, Installation, and Support

Surveillance Systems

We install and manage surveillance systems for businesses large and small. We work with you to determine their needs and then design and implement a system that meets those needs. We also provide training on how to use the system and provide ongoing support as needed.

Small to Medium Businesses

Resideo Monitored Alarm Systems

Open or closed, stay connected to your business anytime, anywhere. The Honeywell Home Lyric Controller is a professionally installed system that provides superior, 24/7 security protection and automation control for your business. The wireless system installs easily, and integrates with smoke detectors, electronic locks, fans, thermostats and more. You can control security and automation functions from the Lyric Controller, a mobile device or computer.

What can we help you with?

Let us tailor a service package that meets your needs. Tell us a little about what you’re looking for, and we will get back to you with some ideas as soon as possible.

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